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Moore Public Library, A District Library


  • Update on Expansion Campaign

    While construction on the expansion of the Moore Public Library is yet to begin, we continue to make progress. Last spring, with plans to begin construction, our architect requested bids to complete the first floor, the courtyard patio, and enough of the second floor making it usable as a community room.  Anticipating bids would come in at approximately $475,000, however, with the skyrocketing cost of building materials, they came in at $692,000!

    Our community has generously donated $363,734 and $73,424 in pledges. This fall, we applied to the USDA for a low-interest loan from the Rural Development Community Fund. The USDA recommended we ask for enough to complete the entire project and approved our preliminary application for $859,000. With continued donations and decreasing costs, we may need less than that. Our architect is updating the drawings and bids to be compatible with the USDA process, and we are completing the many required forms. In the mandatory report submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), historic preservation specialist, Kristen Kidorf commented:

    The existing library is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The proposed renovations to 7245 Huron Avenue and the courtyard are compatible with the adjacent Moore Library, Lexington Bank (A.K.A. Noble), and Cadillac House. Even though the front parapet wall is proposed to be extended it will still be shorter than the Lexington Bank (note: Noble Building). The proposed façade and courtyard do not create a false sense of historical development for the surrounding historic buildings.

    The proposed elevated walkway between the historic Moore Library and 7245 Huron is toward the rear of the existing library building. The window proposed for removal is not a character-defining feature. The walkway will primarily be glass and will not overwhelm the historic library building. It is set back to the rear of the building.

    The proposed first floor opening between the two buildings is through a non-historic 1991 addition wall. The proposed changes to the Moore Library meet The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The walkway is compatible, and no character-defining features will be altered. The walkway is removable, and the window opening could be restored to its original configuration.

    We anticipate the final submission to be December 1, 2021, and once the loan is secured, our architect will bid out the project. We expect a decrease in the cost of materials and look forward to finally starting construction!

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    Search for Library Materials

    Location & Hours

    Main Branch
    Moore Public Library
    7239 Huron Avenue, Lexington, Michigan 48450

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    Phone: 810-359-8267
    Fax: 810-359-2986

         OPEN HOURS
    Monday and Thursday 10 - 6
    Tuesday, Wed, Friday 10 - 4
    Saturday 10-1

    **Curbside Pickup Available**

    P.O. Box 189
    Lexington, Michigan 48450

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